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Shaping the future. This is the priority strategic element of Werent's development policy, based on constantly evolving training tools. To be a leader you need to train and learn continuously, opening yourself up to change and constantly questioning even the most consolidated habits.

  • Qualifying technical training

  • Personalized training courses

  • Teachers with proven professionalism


A training school for everyone

Werent has a team of qualified internal teachers both for the training of company staff and for external subjects who wish to improve their skills. It also makes use of the manufacturers of the same machines for the part relating to specific technical training, which concerns the correct operation and maintenance of the vehicle fleet.

The teachers take care of the entire training course of the employees, aimed at practical exercise and obtaining the qualifications to operate the various construction vehicles, as required by Legislative Decree 81/2008 on safety on construction sites.

Training activities take place at the training centers of our company offices and, after verification, at the offices of our customers.

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